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Be Enchanted With Each Cup

Originated from a family business dedicated to food & beverage since 1950 in Taiwan, Emperor Love is a premium tea brand using the finest tea to bring the best quality brews and offer a fresh perspective of the tea lifestyle to the world.

Emperor Love offers Taiwan Oolong tea, Pureh tea and innovative herbal blends and uses natural ingredients that offers customers a healthy promise. Combining modern with classic, mixing east and west, Emperor Love invites customers to re-imagine fine tea and enjoy a true delight in the tea universe.

Matcha Latté

Smooth, Rich & Relaxing

Enjoy the alluring taste of matcha. Finely-ground green tea powder made with by the traditional stone grinding method. The matcha is shade-grown, hand-picked, steamed & stems removed for the highest quality matcha flavour.

Black Tea Latté

Silky, Rich & Comforting

Enjoy an unparalleled Black Tea Latte. Finely-ground tea powder made with real Assam Tea leaves from India. This full-bodied black tea offers a unique malty flavour and briskness. Smooth and rich milky taste.

Black Beans & Roasted Rice Matcha Latté

For Rejuvenation & Digestion

A healthy addition to your daily drink list. Finely-ground green tea powder made by the traditional stone grinding method. Rich in protein, nutrients and fiber, and low in calories, black bean is a must-have ingredient for a healthy lifestyle. Roasted rice creates a nutty aroma and is ideal for anti-oxidants and digestion.

Soba Matcha Latté

For Recovery & Energy

A fulfilling tea drink to boost the day. Soba ia rich source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, helping to boost your energy and maintain a healthy metabolism.

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